New Customer 1st Visit
Any Size Dog $25 a day
(Off Season Only) No Other Discounts Apply


Off Season Rate Any Size Dog $ 27 a day


Daycare 9am-5pm any size dog $ 20 a day
* Not Available Sundays
* Not Available Fri & Sat during Reg. Season


Regular Season Rates: (Call for Rates)
S $ _27__ M $ __30_ L $ _31__ XL $ __32___


2 or more dogs in 1 run. 10% off
(Not valid with $15 rate)

* New customers booking for the regular season will need a $25 non-refundable deposit for each run reserved.
* New customers booking Fri, Sat, Sun during our regular season must book and pay for a 2 night minimum stay.


* 13 Day stay or longer requires a 1/2 down deposit upon drop off for all customers.


CASH or CHECK ONLY (No Plastic)
Credit Card # will be needed for Vet ER only
*Visa, Mastercard, or Discover


Regular Season: Memorial Day - Labor Day.
Holiday weeks & March Spring Break


Drop Off Day - Full Day Charge
Pick up Day - Before 12:00pm No Charge
After 12:00pm 1/2 Day Charge
Dogs Getting Bathed No Charge on Pickup day
Charge for the Bath Only
* The price you come in with you will leave with NO EXCEPTIONS


- Food & Food Monitoring - 2 x a day
- Encouraged Eating w/Canned Food (if needed)
- Bed & Blanket
- Out 3x a day - Potty & Exercise - 6 mini walks

* Prices are subject to change